Aug 06

Say Hello + Goodbye


Today we’re excited to announce the launch of the new Copious iPhone app.

At the same time, we’re shutting down the social marketplace. You can no longer place orders, but your dashboard data will be available for the next two weeks.

What’s the new Copious app?

 Almost everyone has stuff in their closet, house, or apartment that they no longer want or need, but still has value. The Copious app makes it really easy to quickly take a picture of those items, and share them with the friends who might be interested in taking them off your hands. To download it, check us out in the app store here.

How is that different from 

Two things make the new Copious app different from

1) There’s no public marketplace. Every activity happens between friends (people who are already in your phone’s contact list).

2) We’re not supporting payments in this version. We think friends want to give things to friends, without the pressure of charging them. That said, individuals can always indicate that they’d like to be paid for anything they post, and settle that between friends.  

Why are you shutting down

Over the past 2 years we’ve built a vibrant buyer + seller community, seen tens of thousands of successful orders, and worked with amazing people. We know people have things they’d like to get rid of, but often they don’t feel it’s worth the time or effort to sell those things. We think sharing with friends is a better way to do that.

What’s next?

We plan on continuing to release apps (not all called Copious!) over the next few months. We’re excited to show you everything we’re working on, and think you’ll like what we’re building, too. For questions or comments, email

We’re sorry to shut down, but hope you’ll join us on the Copious iPhone app. There are great things ahead.

The Team at Utah Street Labs

Jun 06

Copious Crush: Jackie, Sweetie Pie Style

We admit it: when it comes to Copious Crushes, we’re a little bit West Coast biased. But who wouldn’t be, when there are amazing ladies like Jackie from Sweetie Pie Style to feature? Jackie’s blog is full of super cute, amazingly wearable styles for ladies with on-the-go, California-casual lifestyles. 

Introduce Yourself! What’s your name, where do you live, and what do you do? 

My name is Jackie and I live in Northern California, in a small town about 2 hours north of San Francisco. I am currently a stay-at-home mom, and n my spare time (ha! if there is such a thing) I blog about style over at Sweetie Pie Style.

How would you describe your personal style? 

Due to my lifestyle, I would say my style is “casually put-together”. I prefer comfort over anything, and don’t like to feel too stuffy.  I tend to add items to my closet that have a mix of both classic and boho styles-it’s all about creating an interesting balance.

Do you have any fashion regrets? Or vice versa, things you’ll never stop wearing? 

Well, of course, everything I wore to middle school in the early 90’s! Like maroon pants with a matching flannel and a black lace choker necklace. Yikes! And I don’t think I will ever stop wearing a good pair of denim.

What inspires you? 

Well, I am addicted to Pinterest for starters.  But away from the computer is where I find the best inspiration. It never fails to inspire to just get outside with my family, go to the beach, walk around an outdoor nursery, have a great meal, read a good book or watch a thought-provoking movie. Those are the most inspiring things in my life right now. 

Tell me about Sweetie Pie Style. How did you get started? What are your goals? 

I started my blog without having any idea what a blog really was.  I ran across one on a sleepless night with my newborn daughter (who is now 7!) and I thought it was a cool thing to have a bit of an online diary. My blog has evolved many times over, but has always had a lifestyle related theme. I have always loved interior design, style and entertaining, and my blog has been my way of expressing myself in those areas.  My main goal with my blog has been to share my ideas and inspirations with others, and to always have fun with it!

What are you listening to right now? 

I can’t stop listening to Marina and the Diamonds right now-I’m obsessed! Her Electra Hearts album is pretty much on repeat all day every day.

 Tell me about your ideal day. What do you do, where do you go, who are you with?

My ideal day would involve all of the things that I mentioned inspire me- hanging out with my family, heading over to my favorite local beach town Half Moon Bay, having lunch at the brewery there, then heading over to sunbathe and watch my girls play in the waves. That would be my ideal day. Oh, and throw in a babysitter for the evening so I could have a nice quiet dinner with my husband and maybe some wine tasting for good measure!

Anything I should have asked that I didn’t?

Tell me one more thing I should know. Hmmm, I can’t whistle. For the life of me. And I find that very disturbing ;)

What are you loving on Copious right now?

See By Chloe White Dress. I am so obsessed with finding the perfect lwd for summer. Something easy and breezy, just like this one! 

Kendra Scott Turquoise Statement Ring Kendra Scott is one of my favorite jewelry designers for a fun, bold statement piece. Turquoise is such a great summery color, I can see myself wearing this over and over again. 

Sam Edelman Brown Sandal The perfect strappy sandal to go with everything! 

Circle Cat Eye Sunglasses These are my favorite shape of sunglasses right now!

May 30

Copious Crush: Jenna Stratman, Founder at


We were introduced to Jenna when we participated in St. Louis Fashion Week a few months ago. Her newly-launched online mag, Regale, is all about ways Millenials can make their lives better - think a gender neutral Real Simple for a younger set. Check her out! 

Introduce Yourself! What’s your name, where do you live, and what do you do?

Hi!  I’m Jenna Stratman, the founder and lead designer over at  I live in St. Louis now, but am relocating my entire life (including Regale!) to Kansas City in just a few short weeks!  Regale is all about celebrating the Millennial Generation and enabling each other to build a better lifestyle.  We cover everything from fashion to fitness to DIY projects - all with the goal of making the lives of our fellow Gen Y’ers a little more amazing.

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style…in three parts, it would be a little classic, a little casual, and a LOT feminine.  I cannot get enough of pastels, sparkle and (here comes the super girly) hearts, galore!  I also like to stay more on the minimalist side most days - just a touch of shine or a pop of color is the perfect addition to any ensemble, in my book.

Do you have any fashion regrets? Or vice versa, things you’ll never stop wearing?

How far back in my life are we going? ;) High school and early college were full of (gasp) bell bottom jeans.  On a girl just over 5’, let’s just say it wasn’t the most flattering article of clothing I’ve ever purchased.  But when skinny jeans hit the stores, my eyes were opened to a new kind of heaven.  Skinny jeans are still my go to for casual weekends or running around town.  And my latest obsession: blazers in every style and color.

Where do you shop? What do you buy online? What do you buy in-store?

I tend to gravitate towards H&M for the basics.  You can never go wrong with their prices!  Otherwise, you’ll find me in places like Nordstrom Rack, Banana Republic Outlet or J.Crew Factory.  I’m a bit of a deal shopper and always on the lookout for great quality at great prices.  I tend to browse online and buy in-store.  But shoes…I will happily buy out an entire website of shoes online.

Tell me about Regale. How did you get started? What are your goals?

Regale started as an parties and entertaining blog for people in my 20’s - kind of like Martha Stewart for Millennials!  After chatting with a few friends, some new and some old, about the idea, however, it sort of took shape as this online magazine aimed at Millennials with all kinds of interests.  We’ll share recipes, personal stories about finding a job, our thoughts on the latest trends…all of the things swimming around in the minds of 20-somethings just getting out in the real world and trying to do something amazing in this world.  We’re all just trying to survive and thrive in this world, so why not share our ideas and experience with others our age??

Soon enough, Regale is going beyond the magazine.  We’re going to start holding workshops and events for Millennials to network and learn something amazing that they can share with their friends.  The ultimate goal?  To become the go-to brand our generation turns to for advice, new ideas, and a Saturday morning read at Starbucks.

What bloggers do you admire? 

How much time do we have??  Some of my more recent blogger crushes include Bri Emery from Designlovefest, Emily Schuman of Cupcakes & Cashmere, and Taylor Sterling of The Glitter Guide.  These ladies all have amazing style and the cutest blogs on this planet!!  Definitely some of my faves in BlogLovin’ right now.

What are you listening to right now?

I listen to anything I can work to…which always ends up being some kind of mixture of Ellie Goulding, Kate Nash, Lenka and A Fine Frenzy.

Tell me about your ideal day. What do you do, where do you go, who are you with?

Hmm, what fun!  It would undoubtedly start at Starbucks with a morning catch-up of the latest on my favorite blogs.  Then off to the farmers market for fresh flowers.  There would be a little inspiration shopping in there, maybe a photo shoot with some of my girls.  Some time to sketch out a few new design ideas for Regale would be thrown in… Dinnertime would likely result in either sushi or burgers (two of my faves!) followed by a trip to the nearest Fro Yo.  I would end the night snuggled up next to the boyfriend watching the latest Jason Segel masterpiece.  When it comes to movies, he’s the one thing we can always agree on. ;)

Do you have a favorite quote, movie, poem or book? Why do you love it?

As much as I still love curling up with a good book on a Sunday afternoon, one of my favorite movies hands-down is How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.  I adore Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey together.  And who knows?  Maybe that’s where my love of magazines and publishing came from!

Anything I should have asked that I didn’t? Tell me one more thing I should know.

I have an addiction to those little latte bowls at Anthropologie.  I want to use them in every room of my apartment for storing everything - not just eating out of!  I’m currently loving the blue, teal and seafoam colors together.

What are you loving on Copious right now? Send me links of things you love and tell me why.

My inner graphic designer is swooning over this print.  I love everything about it, from the peach and mint colors to the whimsical quote.  Roam if you want to.  Kind of sounds like permission to explore, in my book! ;)

Let’s face it. I’m a sucker for anything cute that I can put my coffee in.  And these eco-friendly cups are kind of darling.

You know those bags you feel like you could take anywhere with you and it would match everything…this is one of those bags.

May 29

Get the Look: Saint Laurent Dancing Queen

Alice and Olivia Jumpsuit


Leather Jacket

Black Pumps

Floppy Hat


May 17

Copious Crush: Amberly, A Slice of Glam

Meet Amberly, the Dallas/Ft. Worth bloginista behind A Slice of Glam. We aspire to Amberly’s goal of adding a little touch of something special to your everyday. Isn’t that just the chicest? 

Introduce Yourself! What’s your name, where do you live, and what do you do? 

My name is Amberly, and I currently live in Fort Worth, Texas which is about 30 miles west of Dallas.  I work full-time in the mortgage industry, and blog part- time. I’ve always loved fashion, magazines, social media, and writing, so a blog was natural for me.   I also needed an outlet for me to share my love of fashion, home décor, diy, recipes, personal style, and other little tidbits of my life here and there. I brainstormed several names and what I wanted my blog to be about and A Slice of Glam was born!

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is classic, with a touch of glam.  I tend to stick with denim, nice blouses, and a little pop of color with shoes or a bag.  I also enjoy mixing in some of my mom’s old jewelry pieces that are timeless pieces and are still on trend today.

Do you have any fashion regrets? Or vice versa, things you’ll never stop wearing?

Oh my!  Probably wearing leggings as pants.  They’re still fine to wear just relaxing at home, or with an oversized sweater.  However, wearing them primarily as pants?  Never again!

Also, Doc Marten’s!  I had a pair of boots AND sandals back in middle school.  Those were THE shoes to have back then, but now I look at them and think, why?!  So huge and clunky.

One item I won’t stop wearing is a great pair of flats.  Whether they are pointy toed or rounded, I LOVE flats.  I literally have to force myself to wear heels every now and then.  Flats are ideal for my full-time job, are great with skinny jeans or pants, and look feminine and cute.  They are also just plain comfortable!

What inspires you?

Life inspires me.  Just the fact that we’re able to wake up each day to work toward our dreams, and make a positive impact is exciting!

Street style fashion also inspires me.  I read a lot of fashion magazines, spend hours on Pinterest, and other style blogs, but I love picking up ideas from other fashionable ladies especially here in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.  People from other places probably think we all wear cowboy hats and boots all the time, but that’s not totally true.  North Texas area women have a style all their own that is classic, relaxed, a bit of glam, and a little trendy. 

Tell me about A Slice of Glam. How did you get started? What are your goals? 

I started A Slice of Glam in July 2011 because I wanted to write and talk about fashion.  I’ve always loved fashion and writing, and I even had somewhat of a blog back in middle school that I would e-mail to my group of friends way back before blogging was the “thing”.  A Slice of Glam has opened up many doors for me. It has also allowed me to connect with others in the blogging community around the country who have similar interests and probably would not have met otherwise.  It really is amazing when I think about it.  My goal with my blog is to inspire others to live an elevated lifestyle with small things to make themselves feel glamorous.  This could be with a bouquet of fresh flowers, a fresh manicure, or a DIY rhinestone vase for their coffee table as I demonstrated on my blog.  I also hope to work in the fashion writing industry one day.

What bloggers do you admire? 

One blogger I admire is Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere.  I’ve read her blog pretty much from the beginning, and I love how she has turned her blog into a brand and into a business.  I hope to do that one day.

What are you listening to right now?

Right now I’m listening to Jusitin Timberlake’s new album, The Band Perry, Beyonce, Ellie Goulding, or Alicia Keys.  There are many others as I listen to a variety of genres.

Tell me about your ideal day. What do you do, where do you go, who are you with?

It would begin with coffee and a banana nut muffin at a cute beach side coffee shop.  Spend part of the morning at the beach, and then the other half shopping.  Have a candlelit dinner with my boyfriend, and then some salsa dancing or a jazz club!

Anything I should have asked that I didn’t? Tell me one more thing I should know. 

Blogging has introduced me to graphic design!  I love nerding out over HTML coding, fonts, and graphics.  Ha!

Chloe Flats

Teardrop Bangle

Studded Bracelet