Who To Know: Michele of Diesel & Juice

Michele Nicolette of Diesel and Juice just joined Copious and we can’t get enough of her adorable illustrations featuring animals and sweet treats.  Dog lover, art aficionado and cupcake enthusiast (from what we can tell by her work), Michele is our latest Copious obsession.  Want to know more from this Copious newbie?  So did we!  Read on:

Introduce yourself.  What do you do?  Where are you from?
My name is Michele and I’m from the San Francisco Bay Area.  I’m originally from San Jose and I currently reside in a tiny hippy town called Sebastopol and I work as a freelance artist doing various projects dealing with photography, graphic design, and illustration.

How did you get into art, and specifically illustration?
My Father always had a love for art whether it be photography, working with wood, or watercolor and I just naturally followed in his footsteps. He helped fund my photography education which was instrumental in learning lighting and while I enjoy photography, I wanted something more. After leaving school, I began drawing more and photographing less and eventually discovered an illustration style I could call my own. Something that you could look at and just know that it was made by me. 

What inspires your work?
Animals mostly. I’ve tried to resist the obsession for years and I’ve finally come to realize there’s nothing wrong with being a crazy cat lady. It’s only wrong if you have hundreds of cats cooped up in your tiny apartment. Instead of hundreds of pets, I have three that I absolutely adore. And to make up for the fact that I can’t have more, I just draw them instead.  
Who are some other artists you admire? 
Oh the list is long and never ending… Kumi Yamashita. Michael Shapcott, Serenah Photography are just a few of my recent favorites.

Why do you like selling on Copious?
Is it vain of me to say I like selling on Copious because it’s pretty? Because it is. Clean and simple. I also love the social aspect of it .. The ability to comment on other items is absolutely wonderful. There are often times I feel so enamored with something I just want the whole web to know it, especially the product owner.

How has your art transformed and where do you see it going next?
My illustrations in particular started off simple and bold and over the months have transformed into very detailed, slightly realistic creations. I can see it going so far as to looking like actual photographs because my perfectionism tends to get the best of me. I hope to keep them under control and focus on getting them onto more giftable products like cellphone cases, totes, magnets, etc.
Who To Know is a Tuesday series where we profile unique Copious sellers whose profiles make us do a double take. 

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