Daily Adoration: Christopher Kane’s Clutches

As a simple gel-filled pouchette, it may not look worth its hefty price tag — 720 bones — but Christopher Kane's new clutch will provide hours of entertainment, and enough goo-filled Rorschachian daydreams to keep you busy while waiting on a friend who’s running late for drinks.

You could buy two of another designer’s clutches for the same price, sure, but what’s the fun of hiding your floating dollar bills and credit cards in those? In the game of pay-per-wear, you might not come out on top, but you sure won’t have to ever plunk down $20 again should the urge to do Spin Art suddenly come about. 

The green looks a little pencil pouch by way of Bic pen spillage, but the pink combination, as seen above, is simply goo-tastic. Take a look, and start saving your bucks for a playtime-ready purse, stat.

Christopher Kane gel-filled PVC clutch, $720 at Net-a-Porter