Copious Spirit Day: Rock N Roll Chic

I was always the chick in high school that went all out for Spirit Days.  Nowadays, perhaps a kickback from graduating high school and therefore Spirit Days, I find myself continuing to dress in theme.  Maybe today I’m mod like Edie Sedgwick, or perhaps grunge-tastic like Janice Joplin.  It all depends on where my solo Spirit Days take me as I stare at my closet in the morning. 

So, here I give you a virtual rock n’ roll Spirit Day ensemble for the summer rockstar in all of us.

1) Rolling Stone Fringe Concert Tee by Dani Darin Dondi

2) Burgundy Leather Jacket by Lauren Busiere

3) Fringe Vixen Earrings by Jillian Knapp

4) Red Cross Black Frayed Shorts by Carolina Benoit Lalinde

5) Marc Jacobs Boots  by Vintanthromodern

You can have them zipped like this: 

But if you’re doing it right you’ll have them zipped like this:

High school may be over for most of us, but Spirt Days don’t have to be too.  

Rock n’ Roll, 

Team Copious