Weekend Wear: Easy, Breezy, Beautiful, Buy This Before I Do

I have a penchant for wearing maxis.  Is that weird?  Yah, I didn’t think so.  

It’s just like, you’re this flowy goddess-like tall glass of water whilst rocking a maxi. Am I getting off a private plane back from a spontaneous Miami vacay or am I just inordinately more chic than everyone else around me?  Hopefully, both.  But while wearing a maxi, definitely the ladder. 

So here’s a quick post on something that I need, have no room for in my closet, can’t afford right now, but probably will charge on my credit card at the end of the weekend. Because on Sundays what more do we have to loose that we haven’t already lost at 1 am the night before, after taking that blue-looking shot, and subsequently making the decision to dance the night away instead of looking after our personal belongings.

Moving forward…

2 piece post.  

1) Once upon a time:

Halter Maxi posted by Michelle Vu

Is she a roman goddess or is she a mere mortal?  You just can’t tell when she’s wearing a maxi.

Now she needs a little arm candy, amiright ladies? Except I’m talking about the man that’ll never dissapoint you.  You’ll always want to carry his baggage, CASE AND POINT:

2) Happily ever after.

Marc Jacobs yumminess posted by A Six Day Week

You’re welcome.

Oh by the way, have you checked out the fancy fashion blogettes that joined our site?  Everyone’s talking about it.  It’s like when Britney Spears shaved her head, BUT BETTER.

Friday Fiesta,

Team Copious

Man Repeller on Copious

I know, we’re freaking out too.  I hope you’ve already gone through her profile because if not, GO! OTHER PEOPLE ARE BUYING YOUR NEW WARDROBE.

Here are a few of the highlights, mustaches and the how have I lived my life without THAT moments experienced while virtually strolling through MR’s peplum and Prada ridden Copious profile

But first we mustache you a question *har har har*.

How in love were you with the Theyskens’ Theory black pumps?  It has all the components of the perfect shoe: square front platform, makes you taller that Yao Ming, and can also double as a lethal weapon if need be.  

It’s everything we look for in a shoe, and more…

But if you’re not much for the high heels, then we don’t want to know you.  Wait, kidding (sort of).  For those rock n roller’s who can’t handle the 6incher all night, I present you… THE STUDDED CONVERSE *gasp*

We thought this was a sartorial sneaker lore, but leave it to Man Repeller to dispell the rumors.  Check ‘em out:

Are you doing alright?  Sweaty palms?  Tunnel vision?  Fashion induced asthma? Take a breath, if you haven’t already scrambled back to Man Repeller’s Copious profile.  

Two more quick pics that we love with all the rest of this month’s rent… I mean, what?

This Spring it’s all about colors that POP.  So how about a little fire engine read in our lives?  There can never be too much, amiright?  Welcome these Katie May high waist red palazzo pants into your life.  Man Repeller approved, ya’ll.

Check out the listing to see the rest of the pant.  Suspense, suspense, suspense.

But what about the rest of us who want to look more femme fatale in our red?  Rest your eyes on this bad boy:

BB Dakota red cut-out dress NWT, WTF!  We’ve died and gone to sartorial heaven.  Check out more of Man Repeller’s amazing wardrobe wears on her Copious profile.

Peplum Purgatory and Harem Hustlas,

Team Copious